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Total nagradno takmicenje

During May, a unique Total formula drove through the four biggest shopping malls in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac, making it possible for all visitors to enjoy a thrilling formula-driving experience in 3D. This was the first time in Serbia that a wider public had the opportunity to feel the excitement of Formula 1 races, in which Total traditionally participates, in a fun and interactive way. Total rewarded the fastest player with a trip to Hungaroring race in Hungary, plus a two-day sightseeing tour in Budapest. The winner of the contest, Aleksandra Stojkoski, shared her impressions upon returning from Hungary:

„As a Formula 1 enthusiast I must say that this was a fantastic adventure and a wonderful experience. It is truly exciting to watch the race when you are actually there. The sound of the formula, people cheering for their favorite teams, the atmosphere on the seats – it is all really hard to explain with words. We warmly recommend to everybody who goes to Hungary to watch the Formula 1 races because we are sure that even people who are not so interested in this sport would have lots of fun. We'd like to thank Total and SmartPoint for enabling us to have this unforgettable experience!“

Total nagradno takmicenje

The second place went to Stevanovic Marko from Jagodina who won a car service and Total oil for replacement, while the third place went to Branko Pavlovic from Kragujevac who won a bottle of Total engine oil and a bottle of brake fluid.

Here you can see how the 3D formula driving looked like:

Total would like to thank to all those who participated and contributed to a fantastic atmosphere. Follow us on our website because more exciting things are yet to come.


Total Formula

From 7th May till 3rd June Total was present in shopping malls in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac where visitors had the opprotunity to play an exciting game using  VR gear that simulated a formula race in 3D.

The contestants were able to check results that were being streamed on Total’s website at any time. The fastest contestant who completed the track was rewarded with a trip to Hungaroring Formula 1 races in Hungary. Total also prepared a special prize for the second contestant who was given a free basic car service and a compatible Total motor oil, while the third contestat received a compatible motor oil and brake fluid.

The fastest among the youngest contestants, Marko Ivanovic, achieved a fantastic score of 2.59 minutes, while the most cheered driver was a primary school teacher. The smiles on the contestants’ faces were enough to have them back to drive a few more times.

TOTAL is the first company in Serbia that started an activation of this type which was available to a wider public. We are glad that we could promote our brand in a fun and interactive way and also give people the opportunity to share a part of the excitement that happens during Formula 1 races in which TOTAL traditionally participates.

Link to the  promotion video:

Car Show 2015


TOTAL SERBIA D.O.O. was among the greatest names of the automobile industry at the International Car Show held this year.

This year we presented a selection of not only well-known and tested products but also new product lines with improved specifications by different car manufacturers.

We placed two driving simulators at our stand in order to entertain the youngest visitors of the Car Show, and they were able to use them free of charge.

While the youngest ones enjoyed the driving and waited in lines to break the set records, their parents had plenty of time to choose the best lubricants for their car and prolong the lifespan of their engines.

This relationship with all current and prospective clients was noted by the UEPS jury (Association for market communication of Serbia), who rewarded us with the Best promo activities award at the Car Show. Having marked several aspects, including entertainment, information collection, good service and the pleasure of the visitors, they pronounced TOTAL SERBIA this year’s winner of the award.

It was a great honor and pleasure to spend ten days in constant communication with the users of our oils and lubricants and we are looking forward to the next event that we will gladly attend.



Agriculture Fair

Novi Sad 09.05-15.05.2015.


As TOTAL SERBIA D.O.O. covers the entire agriculture segment with its wide selection of products, this year we were one of the exhibitors at the greatest fair in the region.
In the 10 days the fair lasted we presented a wide range of agricultural products, given that we provide all kinds of products – from the simplest motor, transmission and hydraulic oils to the multifunctional oils.
We also provide oils for agricultural mechanization such as: two-stroke and four-stroke oils, mower oils, chainsaw oils, milk-machine oils as well as various sorts of antifreeze and grease.
The certified laboratory ANAC, which is the best in Europe, is also part of TOTAL corporation. The laboratory provides regular oil analysis, diagnoses and so on. Another advantage to the ANAC laboratory is that it has an enormous database of previously done analyses on various agricultural machines: which implies a great experience in diagnosing and giving recommendations, as well as the top engineer team.
Our greatest partner in agriculture has been CLAAS for many years now, and for them we manufacture the special CLAAS product palette.
All this and many other things made our exhibition at the Agriculture Fair distinct and significant both for the visitors and our company.
Wonderful experience we had on this Fair makes our new participation inevitable, and we are looking forward to Fair 2016.



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