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At TOTAL Lubrifiants, we've cultivated an in-depth understanding of our customers' unique needs. Our local knowledge, proximity to clients, and accessibility mean that we can support businesses of all kinds.

Whatever your business, when it comes to choosing the right lubricants for your vehicles and equipment, you'll find everything you need within TOTAL's broad product range. As always, TOTAL is here to advise you throughout the process.

Car dealer franchises and garages

With TOTAL's broad range of lubricants, we are a one-stop shop for all the high-quality lubricants you'll ever need.
How TOTAL lubricants can help your franchise for the sale of cars or service, learn more...

Motorcycle dealer franchises and garages

It's no coincidence that so many motorbike manufacturers choose TOTAL and ELF lubricants to power their products. We have a lubricant to suit every make and model.
How TOTAL lubricants can help your franchise for sale or service of motorcycles, learn more ...

Heavy-duty fleet management

Maximize fuel efficiency, minimize downtime, and reduce overall costs by choosing TOTAL lubricants for your fleet.
How TOTAL lubricants can gain your device freight fleet, learn more ...

Truck, bus and coach dealers

TOTAL boasts a range of sector-specific products that are ideal for both branded and multi-brand dealers.
Why are TOTAL lubricants best choice for vendors trucks, buses, coaches, learn more ...


TOTAL works closely with customers to produce the perfect lubricants for the equipment their businesses rely on.
TOTAL lubricants for construction vehicles, as well as those that are used in mines and quarries, learn more...

Agriculture industry

TOTAL lubricants are specially formulated to keep agricultural machines running smoothly so that your business can thrive, day after day.
How TOTAL can help those who are engaged in agriculture, learn more ...

Coastal and inland marine

When it comes to sea and river vessels, TOTAL provides a range of lubricants that are designed to maximize performance and engine durability.
Total lubricants for coastal and inland navigation, learn more...

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