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10 most dangerous driving mistakes

10 najopasnijih grešaka vozača


Although it may appear as an overused topic, it’s actually always good to talk about traffic safety for it is still not at a satisfactory level. We mustn’t stop insisting on the basic traffic rules not only because of young drivers, but also because of more experienced drivers who, having gained confidence over years, tend to overlook them. In the end, accidents still happen and it is very important to pay attention to the list of most common causes.

1. Speeding: Though the road before you may appear clear with no danger ahead, bear in mind that there is a good reason why there is a speed limit on a particular part of the road. There could be a school nearby, a road narrowing, a sharp curve etc. Young drivers are especially prone to speeding when they want to show off, and it’s them who are in the most vulnerable position as they do not have enough experience and do not react quickly enough in critical situations. According to the Statistical report on the state of traffic safety in the Republic of Serbia for the year 2014, the most common mistake that leads to traffic accidents is improper or unadjusted speed of the vehicle.

2. Improper vehicle actions in traffic:  Improper signalization, ignoring traffic signs, changing lanes without checking blind spots and illogical actions are risky activities that can seriously jeopardize the safety of all participants in the traffic. Beside these intentional actions, you should avoid typing messages, making phone calls, eating and everything that is distracting you. This may seem as something that goes without saying, but along with inclusion and improper vehicle actions in traffic, it is one of the most common causes that lead to accidents.

10 najopasnijih grešaka vozača


3. Failure to give the right of way: Beside improper or irregular overtaking and passing by, failure to give the right of way is a huge mistake and belongs to the group of highly risky actions in traffic. It is very important to realize that we are not the only ones who have things to do and that we are the only ones who are in a hurry to reach our final destination. No reason or excuse is enough to disrespect the right of way, however much time we think it will save us.

4. Driving while you are sleepy: Even if you've had a good night's sleep, modern lifestyle and everyday pressure may drain your energy and make you feel drowsy. As a result, your concentration is breaking, you feel numb and sluggish. In such cases it is better to call somebody to pick you up, order a taxi ot use public transport. It will not save you time or money, but it will save something more valuable – your safety and your life.

5. Driving without taking breaks: As holiday season is beginning, many of us can't wait to pack our bags and hit the road. If you have a long way to cross, be sure to take breaks and get some refreshment. If a vehiche passes you by without you even noticing it, that's a sure sign your contcetration is low and that you need to take a rest. There is only one rule here, and that is staying safe until you reach your destination.

6. Disregarding the activities of other participants in the traffic: Pay attention to what other participants in the traffic are doing and make sure they are paying attantion to you.  You can be the most conscientious driver in the world and still face an unsafe situation because of other people's mistakes. Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on other drivers around you and maintain a proper distance in order to have enough time to react in critical situations.

10 najopasnijih grešaka vozača


7. Too many people or having pets in the vehiche: The reason why you shouldn't drive more people than what is allowed is quite logical. Beside the fact that there are not enough belts for everybody, more people mean more noise and fuss that can distract the dirver. Pay attention to how you transport pets as well. Depending on their size and the size of your vehicle, there are appropriate transporters and security elements that you can find in pet shops.

8. Poor car maintenance: Three things must be 100% working at any time and these are your car's steering system, breaks and shocks that keep you safe in curves. Beside that, it is very important to check tire pressure and tread depth because tires are in direct contact with the road. Don't forget to check oil level and the level of other fluids. Simply put, there is no compromise on some security elements.

9. Compromisig safety over aesthetics: Do not compromise safety elements for the sake of embelishment. It is better to drive an indistinct but safe car, that put yourself in a dangerous position. This especially applies to young drivers who are more likely to spend money on visually appealing elements.

10. Intolerance: Bear in mind that you were a beginner once and that you had driven in unknown surroundings. Inexperienced drivers need your help because the more pressure you put on them, the more mistakes they will make.

Once again, we want to address all of us who put ourselves out to risk every day, who work hard and go through a lot of stress, while at the same time we try to improve the quality of our lives. Let's not hurry and yearn for those extra seconds and minutes, let's not obsess over „cosmetics“ and worthless details, let's plan for the future and keep the safety and lives of ourselves and the people around us. Thank you for thinking.


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