How to fight corrosion

How to fight corrosion


Most car owners with years of experience in car ownership and maintenance know that corrosion is not as harmless as just something that is merely unpleasant to the eye. Corrosion can be very problematic because it depletes the material, which can seriously compromise the entire construction. Although newer cars come out of the factory with an excellent protective coating and a few years of warranty against corrosion, they are still not immune to physical damage that enables corrosion to settle. Such damage can come from scratches which you can get in many ways, and very often by driving on a pebbly or a gritty road. As the golden rule saying “prevention is better than cure” applies here too, we will try to give you a few useful tips on how to prevent corrosion from appearing

Check the entire vehicle



When we talk about corrosion, we don’t have only the shell in mind, but also the bottom of your car, the wheel caps, the part around the wheels, the gaps, the doors, and the door sill plates. Pay special attention to these parts if you are buying a used carMake sure to give your car a visual inspection from time to time. Along with the visible rust, small bubbles forming under the paint are a definite sign that corrosion process in taking place. If you notice the already mentioned scratches, you should know that it is only a matter of time when rust will settle on the exposed parts. Also, don’t neglect the interior of your vehicle - if you spilled something or if the floor mats are wet, open the door and try to eliminate the moisture from the vehicle as soon as possible.

fight corrosion


Protection from moisture

As we know, corrosion, or plainly speaking rust, appears when the car is exposed to the outdoor conditions, primarily to moisture. Therefore, it would be best to keep your car in a dry and aired space, preferably a garage. Moisture can especially be problematic during winter when the roads are covered with salt which accelerates corrosion and depletes the bottom part of your car. In winter conditions, it is very important to wash the car at least once a week, with special attention to washing away the salt from the bottom part of your car and the part around the wheels using a compressor. It is recommended that you have your car polished with wax at least once a year and the plastic parts of the door frame protected with an adequate coating.

Products that prevent rust

There are many products that serve as protection against corrosion that you can apply yourself, and the most practical ones come in form of a spray. Many experts recommend to add an extra protective to the bottom part of your car. However, before you decide to have it done, check if it affects the manufacturer’s warranty in any way. In order to have the best effect, protection against corrosion is done while the weather's still warm and dry.

Products that prevent rust


Professional help

If you do notice visible signs of corrosion, we recommend that you have it treated by professionals who will clean the affected parts thoroughly, remove the rust and apply an adequate protective product. Bear in mind that a poorly handled rust treatment does not solve the problem, but on the contrary - the rust will keep advancing, which will surely lower the value of your car.

We hope you find these pieces of advice useful. For any question, doubt or suggestion feel free to contact us. We will be happy to try and help.

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