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When you pay dearly for buying cheaply

Engine oil


Every single one of us would like to drive away from a car shop in a brand new vehicle and give it the best possible treatment. The reality is that not many of us can afford a dream car and high quality maintenance. However, whether we own a new or a used car, there are things we must not economize on! The aim of this text is not to emphasize how badly we maintain our cars, but to point out how some mistakes can turn out to be very costly, not only when a car failure happens, but when this failure jeopardizes your safety, the safety of your children, family members and other commuters.

Mistake no. 1 - Using non-OEM replacement parts

Don’t let others convince you that non-OEM replacement parts have the same or similar quality as original parts. The factory does not produce parts to build wealth on buyers who are too naive or too afraid to use much cheaper non-OEM parts. Original parts made by the factory cost more because the factory guarantees quality, durability and reliability - something that cheap copies cannot boast. Therefore, when the time comes for you to consider buying a replacement part, think about what else you will need to pay for when a non-OEM replacement part causes a much costlier wreck.

oem parts


Mistake no. 2 - Avoiding authorized car services

Car owners often avoid authorized car services even though their cars are still under warranty. Why? Because this way is cheaper. Here the same rule applies as with using OEM parts. An authorized car service guarantees quality. Of course, we do not want to exclude private auto repair shops and skilled mechanics working outside of the authorized service network because there are qualified individuals who do their jobs professionally and conscientiously. However, here you must be very careful and certain that you have chosen the right person for the job because you are doing this on your own responsibility.

Mistake no. 3 - Buying a car that is expensive to maintain

It is not uncommon for some people to buy cars for which they cannot afford proper maintenance just to satisfy their needs for social affirmation and status. These cars end up being parked most of the time, waiting to be sold at a price that is smaller than the initial one. Prevent such situations and find some time to calculate costs in advance, before you rush to buy the car you have your eyes on. Take into consideration fuel consumption, replacement parts, servicing, registration etc. We made an effort to calculate average monthly expenditure on car ownership in Serbia so you may find this infographic useful.

Mistake no. 4 - Using counterfeit engine oil and fluids

High quality engine oil plays an essential role in engine performance. It prevents engine wear, takes up excess heat from the engine and prevents corrosion and residue. In short, it makes the engine run properly, extending its life. Brake and transmission fluid are also important and it makes absolutely no sense to save on these. Be sure that you are using original oil in proper viscosity and that it gets replaced in intervals recommended by the manufacturer. You can look for information on the product pack, just be sure that you are buying from authorized retailers. If you need help around choosing the appropriate oil for your vehicle, our Lub advisor can help you.

high quality engine oil


Mistake no. 5 - To compromise on safety for the sake of aesthetics

Many, especially young drivers like to spend extra money on attractive hubcaps, spoilers, stereo surrounding etc. on one hand, and save on safety elements on the other. Once again we must say that it is not wise thing to do. First, make sure there is nothing wrong with your car on the “inside” and then work on improving its exterior. You don’t want your car to let you down in a critical moment only to realize that you cared more for those neon lights under the sports bumper than for your own safety.



Mistake no. 6 - Disregarding the owner’s manual

An owner’s manual is something we tend to avoid and read only when something breaks down, if ever. The golden rule saying that “prevention is better than cure” applies here also, so why not read the owner's manual instead of watching a movie, for example. We all know that with proper use and maintenance the car for which we dipped into our savings will serve us longer and better.

We hope that these pieces of advices will help you optimize costs in accordance with your needs and possibilities. We believe that this infographic can serve as a short reminder of the most important check-ups that need to be done in the period of one year, following the dynamics recommended by the manufacturer and your mechanic.

If you have any questions, suggestions and comments regarding this topic, feel free to write to us. We will be happy to help.

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