On the road to children’s safety in traffic

CSR project in primary schools in Palilula municipality of the city of Belgrade

School children belong to one of the most vulnerable categories when it comes to safety in traffic. This is exactly why education of youngsters of early school age exposed to such dangers worldwide became one of the priorities of the Total Group. In cooperation with experts from the field of education and traffic safety, Total developed the project “On the road to safety” in 2012 with the aim to raise awareness of the importance of behaving safely in traffic.

This year the project is being implemented in Serbia for the first time in 17 primary schools in Palilula municipality of the city of Belgrade. The project is approved by the Secretariat for Education and Children’s Welfare and supported by Palilula municipality. Through visual demonstration, question cards, interaction with the Total robot mascot and a fun and educational tablet game “On the road to safety” specially developed for this project, the children of first and second grade will have the opportunity to grasp and internalize the basic rules of behaving safely in traffic such as crossing the street by paying attention to the basic traffic signalization, avoiding walking on the bike lane, choosing a place to play outside of the traffic area, avoiding crossing the street between parked cars etc.

We are encouraging every parent in Serbia to play the game “On the road to safety” together with their kids and to share their thoughts with us.

*For moving the robot sideways, you need to press the key with upward arrow and the key with arrow to the left or to the right simultaneously on your keyboard.

If you encounter a problem with launching the game "On the road to safety" please click here.