What you need to know about installation and costs of LPG

What you need to know about installation and costs of LPG

In this episode of “Car workshop” we touched upon a very interesting topic and this is installation of an LPG system in a used car, and what the owners should know before they decide to take this step or buy a car that is already equipped with LPG.

One of the most interesting aspects for every care owner is the cost efficiency of such a system. For that reason, we made an effort to give an approximate calculation for a period of five years or 50,000 km for cars with average fuel consumption per 100 km. Please bear in mind that the figures are variable and that they depend on many factors such as: fuel consumption, current fuel prices, choice of LPG equipment, specific installation requirements, regular servicing etc.

An example of a calculation of costs for the period of five years or 50,000 km.






Fuel consumption at 100 km 10 l 11 l
Total fuel costs* 6.000 EUR 3.410 EUR
Installation of LPG equipment   350 EUR
5 regular services   130 EUR
LPG Certificate   100 EUR
Reattestation   50 EUR


6.000 EUR

4.040 EUR

The car owner should also count on approx. 10% of the total amount for the costs of gasoline reserve in the fuel tank. For car owners who drive over 20-30.000 km per year there is a possibility that they will need to have the injectors and the evaporator serviced at 100,000 km. Servicing costs for these parts start from around 12.5 EUR for each.

* Fuel prices were registered on 7th November 2017 and may vary depending on the gas station.

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