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Infographics 2016

In this part of “Advice & Proposals” you will find interesting pieces of information regarding car maintenance that we present in a concise and visually compelling way. These infographics serve as reminders and short guides through most important check-ups and interventions on your car that you can do all by yourselves. The infographics can be downloaded and you can also share them with friends who may find them useful.

Šta Vam neprijatni mirisi u autu govore

What do unpleasant car smells tell you

Koliko vas košta posedovanje automobila

What is the cost of owning a car

Mitovi i zablude o održavanju automobila

Car maintenance myth busting

Kako odabrati pravi auto

How to choose the right car

13 stvari koje vozači najčešće rade pogrešno

13 things drivers usually do wrong

10 Predloga kako da zaštite auto od letnjih vrućina

10 suggestions for protecting your car from summer heat

Sve o vrstama motornih ulja

All about engine oil types

Šta obavezno proveriti pre polaska na put

Must do check-ups befor hitting the road