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Service network

Total Quartz Auto Service, or TQAS, is a concept that reflects high quality service and distinct visual identity, typical of partner auto services in Total’s network. The project was introduced in Total all over the world, and it gives us great pleasure to have the opportunity to implement our global business standards in partnership with auto services in Serbia.

If you would like to apply for your service to enter the TQAS network, please contact us. Let’s be partners in progress.


In order not only to acquaint you with the TQAS concept, but also reveal some hidden landscapes and landmarks that belong to the historical and cultural heritage of Serbia, we have created the TQAS Cravan series, hosted by our renowned journalist, presenter and sports commentator, Slobodan Sarenac. On the wheels of the TQAS Caravan we begin our journey from the northernmost point and arrive at the southernmost location on the map of Serbia where one can find a TQAS auto service. Season by season, we will be telling extraordinary stories and peeking into some less known corners of the cities we visit. Follow us and enjoy the ride.